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Sumatra Orangutan Explore is an ethical trekking agency & guesthouse launched in 2018 which works closely with local guides and local people from Bukit Lawang, Sumatra. We believe that community-based tourism will help us to preserve and
protect our amazing jungle and it's wildlife! 


Our team is made of experienced English-speaking guides who are certified by the Indonesia Tourist Guides Association (ITGA-HPI Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia). They strictly follow the Gunung Leuser National Park guidelines and do their best to keep the jungle clean and the wildlife safe!

We organize unique and unforgettable jungle trekking

 striving to respect and preserve the unique ecosystem & biodiversity of the Gunung-Leuser National Park and especially protect the endangered Sumatran Orangutans. Our eco-friendly daily tours aim to support local people & traditional activities. 


The love of nature, respect, sustainability and mutual aid are deeply rooted in Sumatra Orangutan Explore's values. We believe that we all have a role to play in the preservation of the rainforest and its wildlife but also in the support of local communities.

Choosing a trek or a tour with Sumatra Orangutan Explore is your way to act in favor of our amazing but endangered rainforest, its exceptional biodiversity

 and its inhabitants!


Please note that all profits remain in the Bukit Lawang community!


Hi there! I'm Iman owner of Sumatra Orangutan Explore and I can't wait to get in touch with you! 

I founded Sumatra Orangutan Explore in November 2018 with the strong belief that ethical trekking and community-based tourism will contribute positively to the rainforest and wildlife conservation but also to the local people living in the amazing area of Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra!

I am deeply committed to change the mentalities in Bukit Lawang about the way of trekking by providing ethical and sustainable for the welfare of the wildlife and the rainforest! And I hope that you will help me in my mission!

I surrounded myself by the best people in order to build a Super Team that I can't wait to introduce to you below!

Iman, local jungle specialist & owner

Who am I & how I can help you!


We are a group of good friends who gathered around a common passion (jungle trekking) and a common purpose: Shaping a better future for the rainforest, it's amazing wildlife and the local community of Bukit Lawang!

Most of us are old friends who were working at the same place for several years! Thus we are sure to have a trustful and knowledgable team with good vibes only! You can be sure that during your experience with us you will feel this friendly atmosphere! We also extended our team with some new recruits to share our knowledge and teach them the ethical ways of trekking! We all form together a big family and we can't wait to make yo feel part of it!


Iman, owner, main guide & excellent cooker
Nanda, guide & excellent guitar player
Muss, guide, jeweler & gallery owner
Teson, guide & excellent cooker
Dani, guide & funny clown
Rio, guide &  jungle magician
Rizal, assistant guide in training 
Amat, assistant guide in training



Shaping a better future for amazing rainforest, its amazing wildlife and the local community of Bukit Lawang




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