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Online Indonesian
Cooking Class


If you are a food lover then this activity is made for you! Learn how to cook authentic and yummy Indonesian dishes by enrolling in an online cooking class with locals ! This online class is our way to support local people during the tough COVID-19 pandemic. As of March 2021, 10% of the price is also donated to the Bukit Lawang Trust fundraising campaign to provide 1,500 aid parcels to our community during the pandemic. Learn something new & delicious and help people in the same time. Get the list of the ingredients needed one week ahead, enjoy the video of our team shopping at the market in the morning and buy everything to cook and enjoy an online outdoor cooking class with a view on the jungle & the expertise of locals. They will share their cooking experience and give you all their tips. You will cook 1 kind of starters and 2 main meals to choose between a large selection of local food (curry, rendang, nasi goreng...) and get your cooking e-book with all your recipes!


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Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Intensity level: suitable for beginner
Group size: from 1 to 10 people
Departure Time: between 10 am and 4 pm (local time)

What to bring : a laptop with a good internet connection, the ingredients from the list we will sent to you, a wok/big pan, a kitchen without forgetting your smile & the willingness to learn!

450,000 IDR - 30€ - 35$  / PERSON

*for 1 person only

350,000 IDR - 22€ - 26$ / PERSON

*if 2 people or more



Choose the date and hour that suits you best for your cooking class (between 10 am and 4 pm local time). Then choose the 2 dishes you'd like to cook: you will cook 1 kind of starters to choose between a list we will sent to you : tempeh goreng (fried tempeh), pinsang goreng (banana fritters), spring rolls, bakwan (vegetable fritters). You will also cook 2 traditional main meals to choose between a large selection : curry, sambal, rendang, semur, asam manis, gado gado, sate, nasi/mie goreng. Veggie options will be proposed! We will send you the ingredients list accordingly about 1 week before your cooking class sothat you have time to buy everything you need!

Your cookers & guide will go to a small local market the day of your online cooking class. As it's early morning and due to the time difference, if you can't assist this online shopping experience, your guide will record a video and send it to you before the start of your cooking class. You will experience the atmosphere of local markets from home!

Then it's time to connect and to start your online cooking experience. Be sure your kitchen, cooking space and all the ingredients are ready before we start. You will e-meet the local cookers who will teach you everything, Panji & Adijah ! They will virtually welcome you at our guesthouse. If the weather is good we will do an outdoor cooking class so you can enjoy the view on the jungle otherwise we will make it inside the restaurant & show you the view anyway (maybe we could spot orangutans if you're lucky!)! Then you will start to learn how to cook yummy traditional dishes. You will learn how to use Sumatran spices and herbs, some local techniques and much more. The locals will show you and share with you their cooking experience and all their secret tips!

Once your meals are ready, you can enjoy it directly or keep it for later to share it with your beloved ones! 
Perfect to surprise them with your new Indonesian cooking skills! 


The cooking class should last between 2 and 3 hours!

This online tour is committed to make you discover all the tastes of the traditional Indonesian cuisine at home during the Covid-19 pandemic while guaranteeing some revenue to local people who are suffering from this tough situation! Indeed thanks to this online course the meals cooked by our cookers will be served to some Indonesian families and our guides & cookers will be guaranteed a nice salary to help them face the lack of tourism since March 2020.

Since March 2021 we also decided to donate 10% of the price to the fundraising campaign of Bukit Lawang Trust to help even more our community. We teamed up with 28 other charities, business, individuals to raise £15,000 to provide aid parcels to 1,500 families from 6 rural communities on the border of the endangered Leuser Ecosystem in North Sumatra, Indonesia. By joining our online cooking class you contribute directly to this amazing initiative!
Link to the fundraiser here!



Tour includes: a video of the shopping at the market, the list of the ingredients sent 1 week ahead, the online cooking class, an English-speaking guide & 2 local cookers, the complete recipes of what you cooked in PDF format sent by email after the class

Tour excludes: additional costs for the ingredients to cook at your home & kitchen equipment

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