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Our relaxing restaurant is not only a place with a stunning view on the jungle, it is a friendly place where people from everywhere come to enjoy good food, to relax but also to share and to spend quality time together with our staff members. At nighttime you are welcome to join our music sessions, we love to sing all together!

We want this place to make you feel at home!


We are committed to fill your belly with good food and to fill your mind and your heart with unforgettable memories!

We wanted our restaurant to be at the image of our mixed couple and to represent our both beautiful culture. Thus we launched an Indo-French fusion menu! The main focus of our menu remains on traditional Indonesian dishes but we added some French specials twisted up with fresh Indonesian ingredients! 


Come to Bukit Lawang & visit us to explore all the tastes of our Indo-French cuisine...


hot & cold drinks

Feeling thirsty?

Get one of our refreshing cold drinks like one of our homemade ice tea! Or choose one of our hot drinks to warm you up. Wanna spice it up? Try our Jungle Chai Tea or Ginger Coffee!

from 5k to 20k IDR
IMG_1042 3.jpg
juices & shakes

Boost your energy!

Get an energizing juice or milkshake made with freshly squeezed tropical fruits!
Vegan options available with yummy coconut milk.

from 18k to 28k IDR

Enjoy an AfterTrek

Enjoy one of our tropical cocktails at our riverside terrace after your jungle trek or a discovering day of the surroundings!
You love beer? Choose a Bintang!


from 50k to 115k IDR

Something small?

Treat yourself with our salty

or sweet small bites! French fries, potato cakes, vegetable fritters, banana fritters, fruits... Perfect to share as starters or for a little snack during the day!

from 15k to 35k IDR

Just woke up?

Choose between our selection of pancakes, porridges, smoothie bowls and french toasts. You're more salty? Our eggs, rösti, toasts and Indonesian breakfasts (fried rice, fried noodles and noodle soup) will be perfect for you!

from 15k to 30k IDR
indonesian food

Wanna try new things?

Try our yummy Indonesian specials and discover all the tastes of the traditional Sumatran cuisine! 
Spicy or not, vegetarian or vegan, everyone will be happy!

from 35k to 55k IDR
french touch

Ever tried French food?

Try our salty or sweet crêpes with a little Indonesian tropical twist to these traditional French dishes. You'll also find French toasts, waffles, croque Monsieur/Madame...

from 35k to 60k idr
IMG_3522 2.JPG
western specials

Missing home?

Get some of our western specials to feel better! Choose between our selection of pasta, fresh salads, rösti burgers and avocado toasts!
Homemade & delicious! 


from 35k to 75k idr
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