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Tangkahan Tour, Hot springs & Waterfall


Discover the hidden paradise of Tangkahan! At only 2,5 hours from Bukit Lawang, Tangkahan is an eco-tourism destination fighting against illegal logging and offering the possibility to explore its wonderful lush green surroundings. Start your day by exploring the jungle and chase waterfalls. Tube down the river. After a freshly cooked lunch at a local restaurant or at the riverside take a refreshing swim in the Buluh river, enjoy the hot springs and relax at the riverbank!


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Duration: one day (7-8 hours)
Intensity level: low
Group size: minimum 2 people
Departure Time: at 09:00 am

What to bring : your camera, comfortable walking shoes, swimsuit, flip flops or sandals, one change of clothes, plastic bag, towel, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, bottle of water

1,100,000 IDR - 73€ - 75$ per PERSON

*for a day tour for minimum 2 people


After breakfast, your guide will pick you up at your guesthouse around 9:00 am and take you to your car.

Your driver will take you to Tangkahan in 2.5 hours through our bumpy and unsurfaced jungle roads. On the way you will witness the destruction our wonderful rainforest through the  endless landscapes of palm oil plantations with the Gunung Leuser National Park in the background. A sad and unforgettable scenery!  

Tangkahan is a small village on the border of Gunung Leuser National Park in North Sumatra. It is situated at the junction of 2 rivers, the Buluh River and the Batang River. Tangkahan is a good example on how community based eco-tourism can stop illegal logging, improve livelihood of local people. The CRU/LPT Tangkahan. Lembaga Pariwisata Tangkahan (LPT) is a local organization formed with the purpose to develop eco-tourism as a new form of livelihood and in this way prevent illegal logging. As regards the CRU (Conservation Response Unit), it is a team of Sumatran Elephants saved from illegal poaching and their mahouts that helps safeguard the national park to protect it from encroachment.

As elephant activity is under worldwide criticism we have decided to not promote the elephant washing activity organized by the CRU anymore as we are not sure about how the elephants are treated/trained and as the organization is still offering a riding activity. If you want to visit the CRU and it's elephants we recommend you to do some research before and to consider the "Walk with the Elephants activity", a trek through the jungle where you walk BESIDE them. 

You will start your discovery by crossing the Buluh River through a huge wooden bridge and discover the natural and unspoilt environment of Tangkahan. Then you'll walk for roughly 1 hour through the jungle to reach the incredible waterfall of Tangkahan! You'll swim and take a revitalizing shower under the waterfall. You'll tube back along the river before lunch. Then you'll enjoy either your traditional lunch at a nice local restaurant in Tangkahan or a freshly cooked lunch at the riverbank! During the afternoon you'll chill out at the Buluh River. Perfect occasion to take a refreshing swim in the river and to enjoy at the hot springs. 

On the way back to Bukit Lawang, you will cross undeveloped areas so take the time to observe the everyday life in rural villages.

End of the day, your guide will bring you back to your guesthouse around 6:00 or 7:00 pm. 

1,100,000 IDR / PERSON

*for 2 people minimum


Tour includes: transport from Bukit Lawang by private car, driver, English speaking local guide, all entrance permits for the national park, tickets for crossing the Buluh River, lunch, tube, stop at the hot springs, several waterfalls and viewpoint. 

Tour excludes: breakfast, dinner & bottle of water / additional drinks

Our Mission : Shaping a better future for amazing rainforest, its amazing wildlife and the local community of Bukit Lawang


10% OF OUR BENEFITS donated




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