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Discovery  Tour


Explore another must-see of North Sumatra! Located at around 3 hours from Bukit Lawang, Berastagi which means "rice store", is a town located in the Barisan mountains. It's cooler weather makes it the perfect place to harvest many things hence it's lush green surroundings! During this overnight tour you'll explore Berastagi and it's highlights! You'll climb the volcano by sunrise and enjoy lunch with the panoramic view of Gundaling Hill! During the afternoon you'll discover Lumbini garden the famous boudhist temple, enjoy the hot springs and chase waterfall! Back in Berastagi you'll explore the famous fruits market before heading back to your guesthouse. On the evening you can assist to an amazing Karonese dance demonstration (optional, additional costs)! This tour will take you into a culture trip to discover more about North Sumatra.


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Duration: two days, two nights
Intensity level: low
Group size: minimum 2 people 
Departure Time: in the afternoon

What to bring : your camera, comfortable hiking shoes, changes of clothes, sweater, swimsuit, flip flops or sandals, towel, mosquito repellent, sunscreen

2,250,00 IDR - 150€ - 150$ per PERSON

*for minimum 2 people

For the karonese dance demonstration contact us to know the fares.



Day 1

Your driver will pick you up to take you to Berastagi. Different pick up points possible: Bukit Lawang, Lake Toba or Medan and different pick up time according to your wishes.

If you start the tour from Bukit Lawang, our staff will pick you up and take you to the car during the afternoon (the exact time is up to you). Then a 3 to 4 hours drive through green surroundings, mountains and several plantations will take you to Berastagi. Berastagi which means "rice store", is a town located in the Barisan mountains. It's cooler weather makes it the perfect place to grow many fruits and vegetables hence it's green surroundings. The driver will drop you off at your accommodation, owned by a local partner and his lovely family. The owner will also be your guide on the second day, he will make you discover the highlights and secret places of Berastagi and share all his knowledge about the area with you. As an ethical and responsible tour-operator our mission is to promote other areas in North Sumatra such as Berastagi in order to make local people benefit from the positive impact of eco-conscious tourism. Thus we decided to support this lovely family and their beautiful guesthouse offering a beautiful view on the ricefields. The family/friendly atmosphere will make you feel home! 

According to when you will arrive at the accommodation you will have some free time to relax in their beautiful garden or to explore a bit the city of Berastagi by foot or tuktuk (becak). Get a yummy dinner (not included) at your accommodation or in the street and have a good night of sleep as you will wake up pretty early the next day!

Day 2

On the second day you will wake up around 4 am and start your discovery day with the volcano climb at sunrise. You will climb the Sibayak volcano and enjoy a stunning panoramic view on the top with the colorful shades of sunrise. Your guide will lead the way and explain you everything about the area and the volcanoes in Berastagi. 

Back in the car you will reach your next destinations. You will discover some other secret spots in the surroundings of Berastagi. You will first stop at a famous hot springs facility. Once there breakfast will be offered to you for free  and then you will be able to soak in a warm and revigorating volcanic water before chasing waterfall. Sikulikap waterfall is amazing waterfall where you can take a refreshing swim in the natural pool it offers. By the end of the morning, you will head to Lumbini Garden. You will fully visit this goldish buddhist temple (be aware that you have to be respectfully dressed and cover your legs and shoulders otherwise you might be ask to rent some sarongs for your visit). 

Then you will reach your lunch spot. You will enjoy a yummy lunch (not included) at a beautiful panoramic restaurant offering a stunning view on the green surroundings and the mountains. After lunch you will do a cultural visit of a local Church and some traditional houses. On the way back to Berastagi you will stop at the famous fruit market where you can discover and try some tropical fruits you have never seen! Feel free to buy some of these delicious tropical fruits to support the local community there!

For sunset you will reach Gundalling Hill, where you will take a short walk around to enjoy the panoramic view looking over the Barisan mountains, the Sibayak and Sinabung volcanoes and all the different greeny plantations. The perfect spot to enjoy a colorful sunset and an unforgettable scenery! 

At the end of the day, you will head back to your accommodation. If you'd like to enjoy an entertaining evening your guide can take you to a traditional karonese danse show (called Landek). Please note that this is optional, contact us to know the fares.

After a day full of discoveries you will easily fall asleep in your comfy double bedroom and dream about all the wonderful things you have seen during the day!

Day 3

On the next morning, the driver will pick you up at your accommodation after breakfast (not included). Feel free to decide at what time you'd like to be picked up. 

Then the driver will take you to your next destination: Bukit Lawang, Lake Toba or Medan. The price of the tour will be the same according to the destination chosen. About the driving times, it will take 3 to 4 hours to reach Bukit Lawang, 4 to 5 hours to reach Medan and 4 to 5 hours to reach Lake Toba. 


Tour includes: transport from Bukit Lawang/Lake Toba/Medan to Berastagi by private car, 2 nights in a fully furnished double bedroom at a lovely guesthouse in Berastagi, an English-speaking (& French-speaking according to availabilities) local guide & driver, all entrance fees (volcano, Gundaling Hill, Lumbini Garden,waterfall, hotsprings, Batak Church & houses), breakfast at the hot springs, a stop at the famous fruit market and a transport back from Berastagi to Bukit Lawang/Lake Toba/Medan by private car. 

Tour excludes:  Food & drinks (except breakfast), traditional karonese dance show.

Our Mission : Shaping a better future for amazing rainforest, its amazing wildlife and the local community of Bukit Lawang


10% OF OUR BENEFITS donated




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