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Please note that we recommend to book minimum 3 months in advance.

For high season (July - August) we recommend to book 6 months in advance.

Once you have decided about your itinerary (treks, tours, transportation), we will send you a booking summary with a link to make a deposit payment using Paypal or Western Union. You don't need to have a PayPal account to make the payment, you just need a debit or credit card. The exact details will be listed in the email and we will put the amount you still have to pay in cash in IDR once in Bukit Lawang. 


Contact us

Contact us via our contact form or our email address. We will answer your questions and organize your trip!

Pay a deposit

Pay small deposit (10-40% of your booking) to guarantee your stay and your activity and to book the team!

Booking confirmation

Get your booking confirmation with the details. Pay the rest of your bill directly to us in Bukit Lawang!


1. Deposit : your booking confirmation 

We ask you to pay a deposit for the trek to secure your activity. Indeed, thanks to the deposit we can ensure that our trek teams are available at your booking dates but also all the equipment needed. Once you book a trek we let our team know and they do not take other work for those dates. Same for the deposit for the transport by private car, once you have done the deposit, we inform the drivers about your arrival and departure time and they do not take other trip. Please note that under exceptional circumstances the management reserves the right to cancel a booking and refund the deposit. 

Once you are ready to book the trek, tours and transportation, we will send you the deposit amount required for your booking on your invoice and you can pay it via or Paypal.

  • For the bookings we will request a deposit ranging from 20 - 30% (according to the total amount of your booking)

  • All bookings must be confirmed and deposits paid the sooner possible and at least 3 weeks (21 days) prior to arrival. We cannot accommodate short-notice bookings online.  

2. Full payment

Once you have paid the deposit, we will ask you to pay what is left once you are in Bukit Lawang and by cash. 
We will let you know the exact amount to bring in IDR (Indonesian rupiah) and the equivalence in euros. 


1. Cancellation policy & refund

Please note that by paying the deposit you enter into a contract (agreement) which confirms that Sumatra Orangutan Explore will provide you the booked services (treks, activities, transport). You may cancel your booking anytime, but be aware that cancellation fees may occur depending on the date of the cancellation notice :


  • If you cancel your booking at least 20 clear days before your arrival date, we will refund your deposit (or full payment if you paid in full minus transaction fees). Please note that the transaction fees that may have occurred, are non-refundable and will be deducted from your refund (approx 10%).

  • If you cancel your booking less than 20 days before your arrival, the deposit will not be refund ! It will be used to cover your treks & tours booking cancellations / guide compensation / car reservation & driver compensation. 

At the discretion of the management refunds will be paid via or PayPal. Refunds will NOT be paid in cash!

2. Itinerary changes

Please note that by paying the deposit you enter into a contract (agreement) which confirms that Sumatra Orangutan Explore will provide you the booked services (treks, activities, transport). You may change the activities you choose, but be aware that fees may be incurred as everything as been booked with trekking teams, tours guide & driver. Once you have paid the deposit, trek teams / activities team / driver are booked and all arrangements are made and paid for. Our teams do not take any other work once we have booked them. Even if you do not continue with your activity we still pay a compensation to our teams (guides, driver). 

If you need to change your arrival date, we will do our best to adapt your booked treks, activities & transportation but extra fees may be incurred. Please note that if your arrival date changes, your itinerary may also not be possible anymore because of other bookings on the next dates, but we will do our best to find a solution !

It is the guest's responsibility to advise us of any change of arrival date as soon as possible and to be prepared to cover any induced extra fees. We are not responsible for extra charges incurred due to itinerary changes made less than 20 days prior to arrival. Other travel days (such as flight delays or cancellations) are also to the responsibility of the guests and note that fees will also be charged. 

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